How we use our education and experience to bring you the best, most accurate information.

Marie and the team at Navigating Religious Narcissism are committed to providing you with the experience, expertise, authority, and trust you need to gain the information you need as you navigate religious and any other type of narcissism.  

Our editorial process was developed by Marie and Karis and is a part of everything we publish on Navigating Religious Narcissism.  So, what exactly do we do to make sure that you are receiving the absolute best quality content?

Our team personally (no AI!) creates and edits every piece of content based on the 4 criteria of our editorial process. These criteria are as follows:

  1. Earning, maintaining, and keeping your trust.
  2. Keeping high writing and reporting standards.
  3. Making accuracy, empathy our top priority, realizing that you need the best information on the subject communicated in the most healing of methods.
  4. Regular monitoring and updating of content to  make sure you always find exactly the best fact-based information you need.


1. Earning, maintaining, and keeping your trust.

Articles and other sources of information about narcissism is easy to find but it can be confusing, overwhelming, inaccurate, irrelevant, outdated, hidden behind expensive paywalls, or outright wrong.   It took me a very long time to sift through the myriad information in order to find the best information that would facilitate my healing process.

We write top-notch content that is well-researched, backed up with our real-world experience, trustworthy, accurate, evidence-based, clear and transparent, understandable regardless of background and level of education, accessible to anyone, empathetic for the sake of your healing, and actionable to promote your healing.

Throughout Navigating Religious Narcissism, we address total healing and well-being and help you make the important connection between health and lifestyle.  We demonstrate this by covering topics of narcissism as well as topics of health and healing of the body.

2. Keeping high writing and reporting standards.

The information at Navigating Religious Narcissism is unbiased, relevant to all issues in narcissistic behavior and Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and easily accessible to our readers.  Our information is comprehensive so you can get a good understanding of the issues that concern you the most.  All articles are backed with extensive research.  And every article has actionable advice to help you learn what you need to in order to heal in the quickest and most effective way based on your own perceived needs.

Here are the ways we meet these standards:

  • Marie and the team carefully choose well trained contributors who are educated and experienced in the field and extremely skilled in writing.  Marie writes most content at Navigating Religious Narcissism based on personal experience, training, and work with the therapists, lawyers, and other support throughout her healing.  Other writers are usually in that same source group.  All guest writers are expert writers and contributors. We carefully screen our content creators for topical authority, expertise, and relevant life and/or work experience. We train them on research and sourcing best practices as well as writing quality, We regularly provide our guest writers with regular feedback and  coaching conferences.
  •  All health and psychological information is reviewed for  accuracy by licensed experts. The team at Navigating Religious Narcissism is led by Karis A. Williams, our in-house licensed therapist and office manager.  The team is composed of mental health professionals from research institutions, professional organizations, and private practice with a wide range of expertise in their fields. In addition to their knowledge, our writers/reviewers bring an added perspective thanks to their experience both  in narcissistic abuse and in a professional capacity extending therapeutic care to those who have sought healing for narcissistic abuse.
  • We qualify all the brands/authors we partner with and mention in our content. Our Marie personally vets the business practices, skill, and knowledge of all contributors, businesses, and organizations that are referenced in Navigating Religious Narcissism. Ongoing research in the field is added regularly to content and adjusted as necessary to assure the best knowledge base possible for our readers and clientele.
  • Our research team stays abreast of new information. Our Marie, along with our research team, makes sure that content is vetted and updated regularly to make sure visitors to Navigating Religious Narcissism offers nothing but the best scientific and truthful news content. All new content is created by experienced writers and reviewed by professional fact-checkers.  As information is updated in the world of psychology and health, our site is adjusted accordingly.
  • All content is checked to meet our standards. Our in-house therapist, Karis, touches every piece of content before it is published, double-checking to ensure it meets our highest editorial standards of truth, accuracy, excellent and timely research, and empathy to the hurting people who visit this site.

3. Making accuracy, empathy our top priority, realizing that you need the best information on the subject communicated in the most healing of methods.

At Navigating Religious Narcissism, Marie and the team strive to publish material that is genuinely supportive and full of understandable information for our readers, with action steps that will help them begin the healing process immediately. 

Everything that Marie and her guest writers publish is written from a perspective of a good friend who has been through much of what others have gone through and understands how they feel and their need to heal and thrive once again.  You will hear her voice of empathy and understanding and feel her warmth and care in the words you read and time you spend with her in studies and other live events.  Marie will always be respectful and sensitive to the situations that her readers and clientele find themselves in and helpful to walk alongside them in their knowledge and growth.

She uses a unique blend of studies, social and anecdotal evidence, and support to allow her readers and clientele to see her empathetic and knowledgeable point of view.  Her compassion will allow them to see her heart and trust in her non-judgmental and kindhearted support, regardless of their position or circumstances in their current or past lives.  

At Navigating Religious Narcissism, we choose our words carefully.  Marie and the team spend a significant amount of time engaging with community advocates in our fields and research trends in the community that keep our site and practices up to date.  It is our intention to make sure our writing strengthens our readers and clientele in ways that give them the knowledge they need to take the reins on their health and grow in wisdom and emotional healing and maturity.

4. Regular monitoring and updating of content to  make sure you always find exactly the best fact-based information you need.

At Navigating Religious Narcissism, we realize that narcissism is as old as the beginning of the human race.  But we also know that information on the disorder as well as treatments and studies change and are updating on constant basis.  As things change at lightning speed, Marie and the team shift gears and update information to keep readers informed with the latest studies and research.  With the help of Karis, we make sure all information is accurate and as up to date as possible.  

All information has a publication date and an updated date if the information has been updated.  With this information, you can be assured that you are getting the latest and most accurate information and resources.  

Every time an article or resource is fact checked, you will see that date inserted next to our fact checked button.  As it gets reviewed later, the most recent date will replace the old date, allowing readers to know that what they are reading has been carefully maintained.

Material is updated and reviewed in the following ways:

  1. Regular fact checks on new and older materials.  We make sure all updates are done on a timely basis.
  2. We stay informed of the news and activities of brands that we align with in order to make sure that not just our content is up to date and accurate, but all content that we refer you to or publish here at Navigating Religious Narcissism.
  3. Immediate response from our readers, viewers, and other clientele.  If you contact us with an issue or problem with our website or any other related materials belonging to Navigating Religious Narcissism, we will take appropriate action on those issues immediately.

We are here for you!

Marie, Karis, Laura, and the rest of the team are here for you!  We are uniquely positioned to reach the world with our stories of healing from abuse and trauma and subsequent life work to help heal those who walk similar paths.  We want to be one of the trusted close friends that you will look back on and fondly remember the healing that took place.  And we pray that as you heal, you grow to be part of our worldwide team that puts narcissism far away from the lives we live.

As we continually work to improve Navigating Religious Narcissism, we would be so grateful for you to share what has worked well for you as well as what we can do better or differently for you.  You can always contact us here!