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“Spiritual narcissism is far more insidious than its secular counterpart.”


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Learn about spiritual narcissism, the people it affects, how to escape it if you are a victim, and how to protect you and your loved ones as you navigate through all of life.

A picture of a couple in bed not getting along to demonstrate how to find out if you are trauma bonded by taking a test

Are You Trauma Bonded? Take This Test With Instant Results!

According to Patrick Carnes, the man who coined the term, trauma bonding is the “misuse of fear, excitement, and sexual ...
How to Navigate Religious Narcissistic Parents

How to Navigate Religious Narcissistic Parents

Growing up is tough.  Every child has difficulties in relating to parents in many of the stages of growth, from ...
Soul of a Narcissist

What Happens to the Soul of a Narcissist?

The soul is generally defined by many as the life force of humans.  It can also be defined as our ...
How Will God Judge a Narcissist?

How Will God Judge a Narcissist?

Reviewed by Karis A. Williams, MSMHC, LPC,   November 10, 2023 Fact checked Narcissists wreak havoc wherever they go.  They destroy those ...
An extremely handsome man in a tuxedo with his head lowered and his eyes looking up, dark and foreboding. In the background is a mirror. And there is white mist around the foreground. This picture represents the title of the article, "Are Narcissists Demon Possessed?"

Are Narcissists Demon Possessed?

Reviewed by Karis A. Williams, MSMHC, LPC,   November 10, 2023 Fact Checked For those that have experienced narcissists in their ...
Can a narcissist be a Christian

Can a Narcissist Be a Christian?

I would venture that there is not a church in the world that doesn't have a narcissist (as in certified, ...

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