Based on the needs and work in my local support groups, consultations, and feedback from the Navigating Religious Narcissism community, I have created the following guided courses to help you navigate the world of narcissism in healthy ways with proven methods that allow you to sidestep the constant arrows and get yourself on your feet quicker than you ever thought possible.  

These courses have been meticulously researched and formulated based on my own past experiences, therapy, and education on the issues that affect victims of narcissism the most and how to solve them quickly, efficiently, and with great strength.  And finally, they have been given the stamp of approval by my support team of licensed therapists!

Check them out below and ask me any questions by clicking here to contact me!

Many blessings to you as you find wisdom, strength, and healing, and soon find yourself in the best shape of your life!

Release Date: January 31, 2024!

Release Date:  July 31, 2024!

Breaking Free is Marie’s groundbreaking course with specific action steps to successfully get clients on steady footing, gaining safety and emotional health and finding a new beautiful world that THEY are in control of.


  • 15 interactive modules
  • Videos, printable worksheets and graphics for growth and inspiration.
  • Workbook available for purchase
  • Quizzes to help you measure your understanding and growth (no grades, no worries!  Just for your personal use.)
  • No deadline for completion.  It’s yours forever for reference!
  • Certificate upon completion.

Divorcing a Narcissist:  Everything You Need to do it Well!

Divorce is an incredibly difficult time for everyone.  But when you are divorcing a narcissist and their attacks on you are ramped up even more, you need to know how to get ahead of it, protect yourself and your family, and make sure you have covered everything.

Surprisingly, depending on your lawyer will not get you this result.  You have to be on your toes because you are your only real advocate in the court system.  And there are no resources out there that give you everything you need to know!  Most of the resources are from lawyers who want you to retain them before they give you the real information.  And even then, divorce cases don’t get lawyers the awards and accolades they are working for.  

With her own divorce experience, leadership in the internationally acclaimed DivorceCare program, and her help with hundreds of other divorces, many involving narcissistic spouses, Marie has gathered the knowledge and experience to help you make sure you can take care of everything you need to in the best possible way. 

This course is a ten-hour course that takes Marie’s free 57-page digital guide to divorcing a narcissist and breaks it down in a step-by-step plan for you to make sure you cover all your bases. It adds even more material to further assure you know what your next steps are, who you need to support you, and the process involved.  It is priced at a fraction of your cost to retain a lawyer and is a perfect companion to your work with the lawyer you choose ( she will help you choose the best lawyer for your case too)!


Release Date:  May 21, 2024!

Hope, Health, and Happiness After Narcissistic Abuse

As victims of narcissistic abuse, we feel shell-shocked, exhausted, and confused.  We finally realize the battle we have been fighting.  And we are now free from the abuse and devastation.  But what’s next?  How do we get on our feet?  How do we erase the triggers and replace them with healthy reactions and responses?  How do we free ourselves from the black cloud that has lingered so long?

In this 3-hour course, Marie will highlight the top healing methods that will change your thinking, your ingrained behaviors, and show you ways to help that healthy person that you know is inside to emerge!

In order to make this course available to anyone who needs it, it is priced at only $19!