I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.

Carl Jung

I'm Marie.

Hi!  I’m Marie.  And I have been through quite a bit of narcissistic abuse.  My mother, although never diagnosed, raised my sisters and me with an iron fist and little to no empathy.

I followed that up with my marriage to a narcissistic husband, formally diagnosed after 28 years of marriage.  In spite of huge red flags, I was not emotionally healthy enough to see the trap I was falling into.

Healing didn’t happen and I was divorced right at the 31 year mark.  All the years of confusion and trying to figure out how to make everything better ended with a devastating fizzle.  Our kids and I were all devastated, but yet happy to no longer be walking on eggshells.

Soon after, healing came.  Within a couple of years, I was given a clean bill of emotional health.  And for the first time in my life, it was time to help the myriad people that now find themselves walking the path that I walked for so long.

With the help, guidance, and encouragement of my therapist, I am now a certified Life Coach with a special certification in Trauma-informed coaching.  I lead a DivorceCare® support group for those who have gotten to the point of separation and/or divorce.  And my schedule is full with my ministry at Navigating Religious Narcissism.

We have a community here at Navigating Religious Narcissism for victims of religious and all other forms of narcissism.  Some of the things we offer are local meetings in Virginia, USA, and weekly local dinners.  For our global community, we have book studies, a collection of all the resources that brought me to a place of peace and healing, speaking engagements, a line of books and gifts to encourage and celebrate healing, and articles to help you along your journey of healing. 

To date, I have helped thousands of people to gain a clear mind and a healthy path forward!  See below for some of the things people have said.  Names are held back for the sake of privacy.  I read, pray for, and reply to every message I get. 

As for my team, we are a tiny little team of 3.  Laura, my former therapist, is now a contributing author and inspirational consultant here on NRN.  And Karis is our resident fact checker to make sure everything we share with you is the best information you can receive!

If you are interested in contributing to Navigating Religious Narcissism, contact us here and mention you are coming from my About page!  

Come on in!  You and yours are always welcome!  ♥  


What People are Saying About Marie...

“But they (the Church) had no idea what happened in our home behind closed doors”.
Marie, this resonated so much with me.


I appreciate this more than you realise. If you have any questions also, don’t hesitate to ask me. Finding and reading your article meant a huge deal to me.


Hi Marie, I am so thankful to have found your website. The narcissist in my life is…